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March 7th 2019

Caesar Must Die

Documentary about a play being put on by a group of prisoners


Taviani brothers 2012, Italy, 77 mins.

Suggested by an audience member, this excellent film is about a production of Julius Caesar being put on in an Italian prison with the parts played by inmates working under a professional producer. The project took place in the high-security wing of Rome’s Rebibbia prison with men serving sentences for murder, drug trafficking and the like, who seem to have a natural understanding of the plot and characters. We follow them from audition to performance, where they act with as much commitment and credibility as you will see on any stage.

This film, directed by the brothers who made the acclaimed Padre Padrone in the 1970s, is unique. Every single review by users on (usually more reliable than reviews by professional critics) gave it a full five stars. (The critics loved it too!)