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June 6th, 2019

In Bruges

Martin McDonagh 2008, UK, 107 mins.

This is a clever black comedy which does not stint on showing either the brutality or the humanity of two professional hit-men.

A novice, Ray, who has accidentally killed a child on his first mission, is sent to Bruges with his mentor, Ken, to await instructions. The older man drags him into an art gallery where they see a painting of Judgement Day. Can Ray attain redemption? High culture gives way to hedonism in the company of a dwarf actor and a girl drug dealer but the mission turns out to involve Ken assassinating Ray as a punishment for his blunder. Ray, however, has decided to kill himself. Can Ken allow such a dreadful act? The plot goes on with prefect logic as Ray skiddales, their boss turns up to hunt him down and Ray is forced to return to Bruges, where dramatic events ensue. If you enjoyed Pulp Fiction you will enjoy this Irish-made film just as much.