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Frequently asked questions

What sort of films do you show?

We show a wide range of films, new and old, mainstream and less well-known, British, American and foreign, features and documentaries. Our only rule is that a film has to be of high quality and made with artistic integrity rather than for purely commercial reasons.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are £5 payable at the door.

Can I bring children?

We welcome children as long as they are covered by the film’s age rating. This is represented with an icon on the page for that film, e.g. the "12" icon on this page.

What exactly are age ratings?

They are the British Board of Film Classification’s categories, namely:

U = Suitable for all

PG = Parental Guidance

12 = Suitable for 12 years and over

15 = Suitable for 15 years and over

18 = Suitable only for adults

Does the film actually start at 7:30?

The chairman usually says a few words before the film, which starts at around 7:35.

How big is the screen?

It's big: ten feet by six.

What are the seats like?

On the Venue page you can see a photo of one of the chairs. Some people find them a little hard after a while so if in doubt bring a cushion!

How many can you seat?

For Cromer in the Second World War we had 104 people and some at the back did have an obscured view, so we should probably limit ourselves to about 90 in future.

Are refreshments available?

They certainly are. We serve tea and coffee (50p per cup, with a free biscuit), squash (20p a glass), red and white wine (£1.50 a glass) and beer (£2 a bottle).

Can I take my drink into the auditorium?

Yes, so you don't need to choose between having a drink and getting a decent seat.

Do you have a membership scheme or can I just come along?

You just come along and pay at the door. We consider anyone who has been to one of our shows a member, and anyone can subscribe to our newsletter.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, there is a patch of hard standing near the porch, making it easy to unload a wheelchair. From there the ground slopes up to the front door and there is a disabled toilet inside.